Woman and child fall killed at petco park on Padres game accident news

San Diego's Petco Park.

San Diego's Petco Park.

A woman and her two-year-old kid were murdered in a’suspicious’ fall at Petco Park prior to the Padres game.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that authorities are investigating the deaths of a mother and her 2-year-old son Saturday after they fell from the third level of Petco Park, just as hundreds of baseball fans were entering for a Padres game.

The woman, 40, and the boy were pronounced dead at 4:11 p.m., approximately 20 minutes after police were notified of the event, according to Lt. Andra Brown of the newspaper.

Officers responded promptly and discovered the woman and child’s remains on the walkway outside the stadium.

According to Brown, the pair plummeted from the third floor concourse – the equivalent of six stories – to the sidewalk on Tony Gwynn Drive.

Their identities have not been published; both were residents of San Diego. Prior to the fall, the mother and kid were in a dining/concession area on the concourse level, Lt. Adam T. Sharki said. According to police, the child’s father was at the ballpark at the time of the killings.

According to the Union-Tribune, police have not determined whether the fall was accidental or purposeful, but observed that the victims’ deaths “looked suspicious.”

Brown stated that investigators are aware that there may have been a number of people in the concourse area who may have more information, which may perhaps “provide some peace to the family.”

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