Wisconsin state senator andre jacque tested positive covid 19, opposed mask mandates

As of August 13, COVID-19 was detected in state senator André Jacque's body.

As of August 13, COVID-19 was detected in state senator André Jacque's body.

COVID-19 ventilator mask mandated by a state senator

According to employees, a Wisconsin state senator who opposed mask mandates has been placed on a ventilator to combat COVID-19.

A Republican from De Pere named Sen. André Jacque tested positive for the bug on Aug. 13 and said he was generally unsymptomatic but weary.

According to a spokesman for Jacque, 40, who has been in the hospital for at least a week, he was placed on an artificial respirator late Monday.

He’s been in the hospital for at least a week, according to André Jacque (left).

As of Wednesday, his status was stable.

State senator Jacque, who was first elected in 2018, has been one of Wisconsin’s most vociferous opponents of COVID-19 immunizations and mask mandates, according to the Journal Sentinel.

Jacque may have been vaccinated, but it’s unknown. WISN reports that the father of six was spotted at the state capitol on Aug. 11 testifying without a mask.

Following his hospitalization for coronavirus-induced pneumonia, two of Jacque’s coworkers have requested the public to pray for him, according to the Journal Sentinel

Jacque’s brother reacted angrily to a Facebook post from Republican Rep. Shae Sortwell, who asked his 10,000+ Facebook followers to pray for Jacque.

“I’m frightened of spilling the beans,” Pierre Jacque remarked of his family withholding information regarding his brother’s health.

According to Pierre, “They’ve been brainwashed by alternate facts now, so I can’t speak for them.”

‘Brainwashed,’ says Andre Jacque’s brother Pierre Jacque.

‘Go get the vaccine,’ I told you! And if you’re going to be honest with them, let them know that they have a choice between effective scientifically-backed preventative medicine and choking on an air vent while their friends and colleagues disguise their condition,” he added.

Matt Tompach, Jacque’s communications director, did not respond to a question from The Post about whether the legislator had been vaccinated against the disease.

Despite Jacque’s stable condition, the days and weeks ahead will continue to be stressful and traumatic for his family, Tompach said in a statement. We ask that you maintain their privacy during what is expected to be a long process.” When needed, his office will give updates.”

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