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Jordan De Goey's trade value isn't going up.

Jordan De Goey's trade value isn't going up.

Jordan De Goey is nowhere to be found after his controversial trip to Bali.

Jordan De Goey was not at Collingwood today because he was told he wasn’t worth recruiting after his controversial trip to Bali.

Jordan De Goey was not at Collingwood’s headquarters on Monday because he was considered “unrecruitable” after going to Bali during the team’s week off.

The star player for the Magpies is in the middle of another scandal off the field after he was caught on video pulling at a woman’s top.

Video footage of the 26-year-old partying in Bali went viral on the internet, and now AFL legends and pundits are criticizing the star’s behavior in the middle of the season.

Remy Jackson, the woman in the videos, talked about the backlash and gave her support to De Goey on Saturday.

On the weekend, De Goey posted a message on Instagram in which he criticized the media for “persecuting and chasing after athletes without stopping.”

Now, the Herald Sun says that he was not seen at Collingwood this morning and that he is likely to miss training this afternoon.

After his controversial trip to Bali in the middle of the season, De Goey isn’t due back at the club until Wednesday. Sunday is round 15 and the Magpies play the Giants.

The midfielder’s contract is up at the end of the season, and many experts think that De Goey is now “unrecruitable” and that clubs won’t want to trade for him because of his recent mistakes.

Gerard Whateley, a respected AFL commentator, said that De Goey’s “woe-is-me” attitude was wrong and that other clubs were surprised that Collingwood hadn’t suspended him.

“Only Collingwood knows the rules it set for De Goey’s behavior at the beginning of the year and what kind of behavior, especially with women, would lead to more punishment,” Whateley wrote on SEN’s website.

“He was given a chance to start over, but he blew it.”

After talking with the heads of other clubs over the weekend, they all agreed that De Goey would be suspended.

“Stupid doesn’t even begin to cover it,” said more than one player in the present day.

How serious is De Goey about becoming a pro football player and making the sacrifices that come with it? The answer to this question will have a big impact on his future. I don’t think he could be hired now. No club could explain to its senior players in a straight face why it would offer a million-dollar deal to get De Goey. He is a good thing for Collingwood, a problem for Collingwood, and their responsibility.

Commentators on the AFL all agreed that De Goey’s trade value has gone down after his latest scandal off the field.

On Fox Footy’s First Crack, Leigh Montagna said, “It definitely puts more doubt in the minds of other clubs that were thinking about trying to sign him as a free agent.”

“If there were already some worries, like if the board or a club was talking about do we or don’t we, what are the risks and what are the benefits, this just adds another layer. It could turn away a few clubs.“

We know he’s a game-changer and that he has high-level talent. I do think he’s a gun player in the competition, but now some clubs might think the risk isn’t worth the reward.

Jordan Lewis, who has won the premiership four times, said, “We’ve seen so many times in the last five to ten years when the game has become more about the system than about the stars.”

“There are so many examples that show that one player can’t win a premiership or change the way you do things, but they can have an effect on the team as a whole. I think that in this case, there is less and less room for negotiation. If I were a player at another club and part of the leadership group and key decision makers, I don’t think I’d be looking at the Jordan De Goey situation. You want to get people in, and I don’t know him, but you want them to build culture and understand that that’s the most important thing that leads to performance. That’s the one question mark over him.”

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