Wham 13 bauman street Rochester new york, cops tony mazurkiewicz shot

Wham 13 bauman street Rochester new york, cops tony mazurkiewicz shot

Wham 13 bauman street Rochester new york, cops tony mazurkiewicz shot

In a shooting ambush, a 29-year police veteran from Rochester was killed and another officer was hurt.

Thursday night, a shooting in Rochester killed one police officer and hurt another. Investigators are calling it an ambush shooting.

Officer Anthony Mazurkiewicz, who had been with the Rochester Police Department for 29 years, was killed in the line of duty on Bauman Street on Thursday, according to Rochester Police Chief David Smith.

Officer Mazurkiewicz and his partner, Officer Sino Seng, were on patrol near Bauman Street at 9:15 p.m. when at least one man came up to them and started shooting.

Seng was shot in the legs, but doctors think he will be okay.

“A reporter asked me how dangerous it is out there for Rochester Police Department officers. “Every day, the men and women of this department leave their homes not knowing if they will be back at the end of their shift,” Chief Smith said with tears in his eyes at a press conference on Friday morning.

A woman who was nearby was also shot, but her injuries were not life-threatening.

Chief Smith said, “We will do everything we can to find out who did this terrible thing and bring them to justice.” “We can’t forget that the men and women are fighting for our lives right now, even though our family has suffered a terrible loss.”

Full Press Conference: 29-year Rochester police veteran killed in shooting ambush on Bauman St.

Police in Rochester have not yet found the person or people who shot and killed this person. There is currently an investigation going on, and more information should be available throughout Friday afternoon.

Rochester Mayor Malik Evans said late Thursday night, “Every day, our police officers risk their lives for us.” “As we go about our daily lives, they do their jobs in dangerous situations, and we owe them a lot of thanks. I’m praying for the officers who were shot tonight, as well as for their families, friends, and all the other first responders who work with them.

The RPD officer Mazurkiewicz died less than a day after the city declared a state of emergency because of gun violence. This was done because shootings were the main cause of an increase in violence in the city.

From Thursday, July 21, the mayor says that the order will be looked at every five days. The mayor also said that he can close down a street if he wants to.

“When I walked into the office, people told me, ‘Oh, you can’t just talk about the violence, you have to talk about the good stuff, too,'” Evans said. “We have a lot of good things, but I told Rochester I would be honest. We don’t want to hold anyone hostage, but everyone is affected by this. There’s a wart in our town.”

The city of Rochester is now on track to kill as many people as it did in 2021, which was the city’s deadliest year ever. Over the course of three days, three people were shot and killed.

Two people, a teenager and a man in his early 20s, were shot and killed early Wednesday morning near an empty building on Rauber Street. They were named as Richard Collinge, who was 19 years old, and Myjel Rand, who was 25 years old. Police say that several suspects shot them several times.

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