Video of draymond green punch released tmz sports, what did jordan poole say

Video of draymond green punch released tmz sports, what did jordan poole say

NBA players talk about the video of Draymond Green punching Jordan Poole.

On Friday morning, TMZ Sports released a shocking video of a fight between Warriors forward Draymond Green and guard Jordan Poole during practice. This caused a lot of people in the NBA to say something about it.

The clip looks like it shows the two teammates talking to each other before Green starts to slowly walk toward Poole. Poole pushes Green after the two of them come face to face. It’s not clear what was said, but Green responds by punching Poole in the head and trying to take him to the ground. Eventually, team members and training staff came in to separate the two players.

Before the video got out, Golden State was already thinking about how to punish Green. But the four-time All-Star wasn’t likely to miss games because of the punishment because the forward was due to return to the team this weekend.

When the video came out on Friday morning, it caused quite a stir on social media, and a number of current and former players gave their thoughts on the situation. Some people talked about what happened during the fight, while others talked about how surprised they were that the clip got out in the first place.

Chris Haynes said in a report that the fight between the two teammates got worse over the summer as the team noticed a change in Poole’s behavior right before he got a big contract extension. Poole is in the last year of his rookie deal, and Green still has two years left on his.

Warriors veterans Stephen Curry and Andre Iguodala have pushed back on Haynes’s report, and general manager Bob Myers has denied that Poole and Green’s contract situations had anything to do with the incident.

Draymond Green allegedly punched Jordan Poole during Warriors practice
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