The Project Steve Price clashed with fellow hosts Peter Helliar and Chrissie Swan

"Stephen Price is here to make Millennials cry," someone said.

"Stephen Price is here to make Millennials cry," someone said.

The hosts of Project call Steve Price’s views on young people “wildly arrogant.”

Steve Price has said even worse things about young people, which made the hosts of The Project call him “wildly arrogant.”

Once again, the hosts of The Project have called out Steve Price for his limited ideas about young people.

The Project showed a segment last week where they talked to some Gen Z people to find out what issues are important to them before the federal election. Something that Baby Boomer Steve Price seemed to be very upset about.

He then wrote a column for the Herald Sun in which he repeated his opinion that pointing out the real problems young people in Australia face makes them “whingers” who show “how little they know about hardship.”

That’s why Waleed Aly started last night’s show by saying, “Stephen Price is here to make Millennials cry.”

The hosts of the project point out Steve Price’s bias against Millennials.

Price said, “Thanks for that little slap, Waleed.”

“Chrissie and I had a lively conversation last week… I did give the Millennials a little slap, and then I wrote a column about it,” he said.

“I called them bad whiners who all need to get over themselves. “That’s it.”

Chrissie Swan said to Price, “What I liked most about our debate last week was that you didn’t listen to anyone.”

“It’s incredibly arrogant to think that Millennials would be upset because they read your newspaper column,” Tommy Little said.

Price started a debate last week when he said that six Gen Z (yes, they were Gen Z, even though he now seems to blame everything on Millennials) were a “entitled bunch.”

Price said on Monday night after a segment about what young people think about the upcoming election: “They need to realize they’re a very lucky generation.”

“They grew up in a safe and prosperous country, and they have a pretty good chance of getting a job because they went to college for free.”

The rest of the panel told him that he was making this about himself when all the young people were doing was talking about real problems like climate change and the cost of housing.

Last week, the hosts of The Project got into a fight with Steve Price over his comments that Gen Z is “entitled.”

“On a planet that’s being burned up, and they won’t own their own home?” asked Peter Helliar.

Chrisie Swan asked, “Who’s gone to college for free?”

“Well, they owe HECS money,” Price replied.

Swan said, “That’s not free.” “It was free for you.”

Helliar said, “I don’t think I got what you got out of it.” “I think they were very fair and had an open mind… I think you’re being a little too defensive.”

Price then said that he worked very hard for “50 years without taking a day off.”

Hamish McDonald said, “You did have it much better than this generation.” “It was much cheaper to buy a house, and you could go to college for free.”

Price said, “I’ve had to work hard every day of my life since I was 17,” but he missed the whole point.

“So are they,” Swan said, “and they feel like they have no other options.”

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