Sunrise edwina Bartholomew quits, husband bikini net worth

Edwina Bartholomew joked through the studio with a piece of paper.

Edwina Bartholomew joked through the studio with a piece of paper.

The tellable reaction to the news story about the motherhood of Sunrise Star Edwina Bartholomew.

After presenting a terrible news about motherhood, Edwina Bartholomew jokingly “quitted” her work at Sunrise.

A new study that found a mother’s sleep deprivation in the first six months after a baby could grow up to seven years old was less impressive to the TV breakfast star.

Researchers studying their baby’s DN A to determine their bio-age which could differ from chronological age during the course of their pregnancies and the first year of life. 33 mothers were pregnant.

The year after delivery was three to seven years older than the biological age of people who slept less than seven hours in the six months.

The UCLA research was published by the reporter Kristina Harazim in the journal Sleep Health and presented by Sunrise on Friday.

At the Sunrise desk, Edwina Bartholomew, Natalie Barr, Matt Doran and Matt Shirvington.

Bartholomew told the studio journalist “Thank you Kristina, you truly value this cross.”

“This is it, I’m outside, I quit,” she said before she scrambled a piece of paper into the study, then thrown all the time. “Between the covid, the climate change and everything else which happened this week.

She laughed, “That’s the worst news of all time.”

The mother of Bartholomew’s daughter Molly, a year old.

Co-host Natalie Bar asked why the researchers felt it was necessary to conduct the study, when the majority of mums knew the results already.

“But that’s not a bit of a derr moment, too, didn’t we know that already?” asked the mom of the two.

“Men were a lot of the world, so they just might’ve asked them?!”

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