Robinson r44 helicopter crash in miami beach ride video news today

It is not currently known what caused the crash.

It is not currently known what caused the crash.

Two people were hurt when a helicopter crashed into the water near Miami Beach.

Police in Miami Beach sent out a tweet on Saturday saying that a helicopter crashed into the Atlantic Ocean near the shore of Miami Beach.

Two people were taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital, police said in a tweet. They were said to be in “stable” health. Police Public Information Officer Ernesto Rodriguez says that the third passenger was not hurt in the crash.

It’s not clear who was in charge of the helicopter when it crashed, but police say there were three people on board when it did.

“Helicopter went down in the ocean near 10 Street this afternoon at 1:10pm. The police were called. Police and @MiamiBeachFire were there, as well as a lot of other groups. Two people have been taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where they are in stable condition “:)

A video that accompanies the tweet shows a helicopter falling into the ocean near a lot of people at the beach or swimming.

Authorities have closed off a two-block stretch of beach between ninth and 11th streets because of a plane crash, police say.

In a statement from the FAA that was seen by CNN, the helicopter is called a Robinson R44. The crash happened because of “unknown reasons,” the FAA said.

“The FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board will look into the accident. The NTSB will be in charge of the investigation and will give more information “This is how the statement reads:

It was “harrowing” for Sean Adams, who was on vacation with his wife from Las Vegas when the plane crashed into the water at Miami Beach.

A mechanic named Adams told WPLG that the helicopter went “back and forth over the deep water a lot.” “The whole beach ran to the scene,” he said.

“These are things you don’t want to see or talk about.” “Fifty yards from the beach, everyone was there. Crazy that nobody was hurt.”

“Adams said the pilot came out of the plane, and the passengers were “a little bit unconscious and in shock,” as they were getting out of the helicopter.”

Helicopter crashes into water off crowded Miami beach

As the helicopter came down, Ana Diaz was swimming in the ocean. As the helicopter came down, Ana Diaz heard her family call for her to come to shore as they looked at the helicopter.

At least six or eight meters away, Diaz, who was in Miami with her family from Colombia, saw a car go off the road and crash. She likened the crash scene to one from a movie with very loud noises when the plane hit the water.

When Diaz told WPLG, “I was really afraid and I was swimming toward my family.” People were worried about it, and it was a very hard time for them.

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