Rebecca Zemek unwanted kiss from Bryce Ruthven home and away

Bec was clearly angry, being consoled by fellow “Wives Bryce's kiss of rejection”

Bec was clearly angry, being consoled by fellow “Wives Bryce's kiss of rejection”

The show went off the air after Bec, the MAFS star, said Bryce’s kiss was unwanted.

Last night’s kissing incident on MAFS left viewers uncomfortable Finally, the truth about the explosive fallout has been unveiled.

MTV cast member Rebecca Zemek has confirmed that production on the show was halted following an unwelcome kiss with her co-star Bryce Ruthven.

Shocked audiences watched on Tuesday night as Bryce forcibly planted a kiss on Bec’s cheek, which caused an uproar on social media.

since Bec had “flirted’ with Erin, who was also on the 2FM with his wife, in the past, last week, the two have been at each other’s throats, with Melissa crying Kathryn felt “violated” on her show this morning when they were embroiled in an argument about the kiss that left her in tears.

She freaked out when Bryce pulled her towards him and puckered up to kiss her on the cheek, then cried out, “Yuck! It’s beyond bad!

she said, “I didn’t want him anywhere near me, coming over to me made the situation even worse but then once he caught me and started to hug me and I felt like I lost consciousness”

When Bryce, the future king of the competition, called Bec, 27, “the queen of this year’s season,” and asked her to apologise, things took a turn for the worse.

Within moments of criticizing her, Bryce had planted a kiss on her.
According to Bec, he made her feel “violated.”

He said the peck on the cheek was nothing but “a friendly” before he told Kyle and Jackie O it was just a “gentleisurely kiss,” indicating that she had misinterpreted it.

It’s not even a peck, much less a kiss.  this week“Hello! We just met, right?” he said on air with Kyle and Jackie responded, “You know how you greet someone, to give them a hug, a kiss on the cheek, right?”

He remembered how hard she had tried to give him a lift, only to break down in tears in the end.

The event, she says, resulted in a formal complaint.

This was one of those moments when I had to refer to the contract for clarification/ for clarification of my privileges.” “It was never my intention to talk to Bryce,” she said on the radio this morning

In the morning following the dinner, manufacturing was shut down for a day.

When time went by, it became more and more exhausting. “I see it the same as I did before: it was just horrible,” she said. You’re getting abused. When you are young, you learn to control your actions.

I was worried that I would not be able to finish watching the movie last night because it was so difficult for me to watch.” Everyone’s seen the footage; it was even worse than that.

The show had a run on Twitter after the episode airing, and users blamed the producers for letting the controversy linger.

In the minds of viewers, Bryce is regarded as a “manipulator” and “bully” for his treatment of Melissa.

The show’s other stars had joined in to condemn his conduct, especially in Sunday’s ceremony, when he and several others had voted to exit the experiment, and then crossed it out and instead wrote ‘stay’ next to their names.

When she was angry, Melissa explained to the crew: “Leave is absolutely out of the question.” “I’m really trying to make sense of the definition.

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