Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla pfizer ceo arrested fbi, salary residence wife

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla pfizer ceo arrested fbi, salary residence wife

According to a website named the Conservative Beaver, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla was detained on November 5 and the incident was "blacked out" by the media. However, what evidence exists that this truly occurred?

Was Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Arrested in the First Place? This Is How Unfounded Claims Became Popular.

Do you obtain your news from a beaver, specifically from the Conservative Beaver website? Indeed, the Canada-based website published a “Beaver Exclusive” saying that Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on November 5 for fraud. Additionally, The Beaver Exclusive stated that the police ordered a “media blackout” on the event, which was granted by a judge.

Dam. That is a significant allegation from the Beaver Exclusive. What form of fraud did Bourla allegedly commit? According to the Beaver Exclusive, “Bourla faces fraud charges for his role in misleading clients about the efficacy of the Covid-19’vaccine.’ Pfizer is being investigated for allegedly altering data and paying big payments.” Take note of the Beaver Exclusive’s quotation marks around the phrase vaccination. As I previously reported for Forbes, individuals and social media accounts opposed to Covid-19 vaccinations have claimed that the vaccines are not true vaccines, despite the fact that they meet all vaccine standards. Additionally, the term “exclusive” did not accurately identify the author of the work, unless the individual’s first name was “Beaver” and their last name was “Exclusive.”

The Beaver Exclusive added, “According to an FBI agent who spoke with the Conservative Beaver, Pfizer lied about the vaccinations’ efficacy and misled [sic] clients about the medicines’ dangerous negative effects.” Pfizer is accused of bribing governments and the mainstream media in order for them to remain silent.”

That is a somewhat hairy predicament depicted by the Beaver. Numerous unknown social media accounts began distributing the Beaver, the Beaver Exclusive. For instance, the following tweets have been made:

And, as evidenced by this tweet, claims of a “media blackout”:

There is, however, one little issue with all this Beaver fever. The Beaver Exclusive made no attempt to substantiate its allegations with actual, you know, facts and proof. What were the specific fabrications? Who was bribed and why? Apart from an unidentified FBI agent, did anyone make any statements? Were any photographs or videos taken during the arrest?

Indeed, on November 5, Bourla appeared on a variety of television programs, including the following segment on CNBC:

Pfizer to submit Covid pill to FDA before Thanksgiving: CEO

As you can see, Bourla did not state that he is unable to answer any further questions due to his arrest. You also did not observe the FBI clearing stuff away in the background.

According to Dan Evon of Snopes, the Beaver Exclusive “is not a genuine news piece.” The Conservative Beaver gives analysis on current events as well as conspiracy pranks.” This is the same website that published articles titled “Pilot receives vaccine, develops heart complications, and then crashes plane into ocean,” “Colin Powell died from COVID vaccine; doctor warns: ‘Do not get the shots!’,” and “Biden announces internment camps for unvaccinated people will open in 2022.” Make an educated guess as to The Conservative Beaver’s position on the Covid-19 vaccination.

Concerning the alleged “media blackout,” it is unclear who would have received such an order or memo. Anyone who believes that such a media blackout could occur in the United States has a fundamental misunderstanding of how respectable media operate in our country. Anyone would have a tough time suppressing a huge news, such as a prominent public figure being arrested or a vaccination causing serious negative effects. Almost every legitimate reporter would be scrambling to be the first to break such news if it occurred. Was alleging a “media blackout” a method to rationalize why this news was only available in Beaver, as in a Beaver Exclusive?

Without a doubt, it is critical to monitor what pharmaceutical corporations are doing. For example, during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, pharmaceutical companies were chastised for not making Covid-19 vaccines more accessible to low-income populations, despite receiving significant government funding to further research and distribute the vaccines. The Trump Administration’s financial agreements with pharmaceutical corporations in 2020 may have been more public as well.

Clearly, concerns about the pharmaceutical business existed prior to the pandemic. Increased medicine prices have been a persistent source of concern. Likewise, expenditure in research and development has fallen in comparison to the amount spent on marketing current treatments. Then there are the television commercials for pharmaceuticals that may convince you that you have a variety of medical conditions and list the adverse effects of a prescription as if they were the end credits of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Ironically, a major source of concern was the pharmaceutical industry’s avoidance of preventive measures like as immunizations in favor of greater profit margin “lifestyle drugs” such as Viagra. Additionally, as I previously wrote for Forbes, concerns have been raised about pharmaceutical contamination.

However, monitoring corporations does not mean “making crap up” in order to discredit vaccines. The Covid-19 vaccines have been subjected to significantly greater examination than a large number of other products from pharmaceutical, supplement, and other “health product” manufacturers. Thus, the emphasis on anti-vaccination stories on vaccines rather than a larger range of drugs and supplements is peculiar.

It appears as though this Beaver Exclusive was completely soaked. There is no credible proof of a Bourla arrest or subsequent “media blackout” at the moment. Additionally, you may want to exercise caution while clicking on this Beaver Exclusive:

In general, whenever you come across something on social media or the Internet that appears to be newsworthy, double-check the sources. Verify that it is a real news organization before entrusting it to a Beaver Exclusive.

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