Military coup in china news, li qiaoming removed – arrested xi jinping

xi jinping

xi jinping

Reports that Chinese President Xi Jinping is under house arrest put him at the top of Twitter trends.

After a few news stories from China said that the People’s Liberation Army had put the current Chinese President under house arrest, the hashtag #XiJinping started to be used a lot on Twitter (PLA).

After a few news stories from China said that President Xi Jinping had been put under house arrest by the People’s Liberation Army, the hashtag “Xi Jinping” became popular on Twitter (PLA). Many people posted funny memes and messages about President Jinping under the hashtag.

Jennifer Zeng, a Chinese activist for human rights, posted a video on Twitter that spread the news. In the video, you can see a few military vehicles driving down a road. Zeng said that the convoy was 80 km long, and the rumor was that Xi Jinping had been put under house arrest.

Zeng shared the video and wrote, “On September 22, PLA military vehicles will be heading to Beijing. The whole procession goes from Huanlai County near Beijing to Zhangjiakou City in Hebei Province. It is up to 80 KM long. “At the same time, there was a rumor that Xi Jinping was in jail after CCP leaders removed him as head of the PLA.”

News stories say that on Friday, 60% of flights in China were canceled. But the Chinese government did not give any explanations in this area. People on social media say that General Li Qiaoming of the Chinese Army is now the new president.

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Check out the tweets below to see how people are responding:

“Get ready for a huge #stockmarketcrash around the world if the rumors that #XiJinping will be arrested or that there will be a #coup in #China come true. China will lose its stability, and a lot of money will leave the country as a result. A user named Palak Shah wrote, “Country is already sitting on a big “everything” bubble!”

“Coup in #China news: It’s not clear if it’s real or not. – 60% of flights in China were canceled yesterday, which is real news.

There could be a lot of change before the CCP’s 20th National Congress. That’s why Xi Jinping hasn’t left the country in 2.5 years. “I’ll be back,” wrote another user.

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