Marla Maples e jean carroll 1990 younger photo, president trump mistakes rape

E. Jean Carroll, on the left, and Donald Trump, who used to be President.

E. Jean Carroll, on the left, and Donald Trump, who used to be President.

In a shocking deposition mistake, Trump mistook the woman who said he raped her for his ex-wife, Marla Maples.

In a shocking mistake during a deposition in his rape case, former President Donald Trump mistook a picture of his accuser, E. Jean Carroll, for a picture of his ex-wife, Marla Maples.

“Yes, that is Marla. “That’s my wife,” Trump said when he was shown a picture of him and Carroll from the 1990s, according to parts of the deposition in Manhattan federal court that were just made public.

Trump’s lawyer jumped in quickly to set the former president straight.

Trump has said many times that he couldn’t have raped the former celebrity columnist Carroll because “she’s not my type.” The fact that he confused her with Maples, the woman he was married to for six years, shows how sexist that claim is.

Trump had three wives, and Maples was the second one. She gave birth to Tiffany Trump, who is the fourth of Donald Trump’s five kids.

Trump made the mistake in October during a stormy deposition where Carroll’s lawyer, Roberta Kaplan, asked him a lot of questions.

In the same deposition, which took place at Trump’s Florida resort and home, he said that Carroll said in a CNN interview that she liked being raped and that she was mentally ill over and over again.

Trump said, “She said I did something to her that I never did.” “Nothing was there. I have no idea who this crazy person is.”

Trump is going to be tried for defamation in April because he called Carroll a fraud and a liar when she first told the shocking story while he was still president.

She is also suing him for rape under the Adult Survivors Act, which is a New York law that lets people who were sexually assaulted a long time ago file cases.

Carroll said that Trump raped her in a dressing room at a store in Manhattan after they met by chance. She said that the two people knew each other from New York’s high society.

Trump says that he doesn’t know Carroll and that she made up the claim that she was raped as a political hit job.

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