Marcelo Pecci fiscal Paraguay video, shot dead on island of Baru Cartagena

Marcelo Pecci, a lawyer in Paraguay, and Claudia Aguilera, a reporter for Unicanal, got married in April.

Marcelo Pecci, a lawyer in Paraguay, and Claudia Aguilera, a reporter for Unicanal, got married in April.

Horrific moment After being shot at a Colombian beach, a TV journalist falls over her dead husband.

Online, people can see the heartbreaking moment when a TV reporter’s husband was shot and killed on their honeymoon.

Online, people can see the terrible moment when a TV reporter’s husband was shot and killed on a beach while they were on their honeymoon. The woman broke down in tears.

They got married in April while they were on vacation in Colombia.

Marcelo Pecci, a 45-year-old prosecutor, was shot and killed on the island of Baru near Cartagena in the Caribbean on Tuesday. He was on vacation with his wife, Claudia Aguilera.

After her husband was shot, the woman sits over him.

It is thought that Mr. Pecci, a Paraguayan prosecutor known for fighting organized crime and drug cartels, was killed right after Ms. Aguilera told her husband that they were going to have a baby.

The head of Colombia’s national police, General Jorge Luis Vargas, told reporters that the “big hypothesis” is that Mr. Pecci’s death was probably related to his prosecutions in Paraguay, which often involved high-stakes cases against money laundering and drugs.

General Vargas said, “We’re talking about a well-planned, transnational crime system in which it’s likely that a lot of money was spent to carry out the murder.” He also said that a reward of nearly $500,000 has been offered for information that leads to an arrest in the case.

He also said that police have pictures of the main suspect, but he would not say for sure whether or not people from other countries were also involved.

Ms. Aguilera, a journalist from Paraguay, told police that two men talked to them on a private beach near their hotel. She told the police that one of the men shot her husband twice afterward, once in the face and once in the back.

“One of the men got out and shot Marcelo twice without saying a word. One shot hit him in the face, and the other hit him in the back,” Ms. Aguilera told El Tiempo.

Since the shooting, a video has come out showing one of the killers leaving the shop where they rented the jet skis they used to get to the beach where the killing happened.

Local news reports say that when the man returned the jet ski after only 15 minutes of use, the owner of the rental shop became suspicious of him.

“We saw that the renters came back quickly and gave the jet ski and vests back to the managers,” he said, adding that the rental was for 30 minutes.

Nimio Cardozo, a top official with Paraguay’s national police, went to the capital of Colombia to help with the investigation. He was joined by US drug agents and other federal agents.

At the same news conference, Mr. Cardozo said that only a small number of people knew that Mr. Pecci was planning a trip to the area.

“We won’t stop until we find the people who are physically and mentally responsible for this horrible act,” he said.

Mario Abdo Bentez, the president of Paraguay, also called the murder “cowardly.” He said that “the whole Paraguayan nation is in mourning” and that Paraguay would “intensify our fight against organized crime.”

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