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Max Verstappen collided with a wall.

Max Verstappen collided with a wall.

Hamilton’s tasteless tweet divides Formula 1 following the ‘dirty’ Verstappen crash.

Lewis Hamilton’s message to bitter rival Max Verstappen omitted one detail that some fans demanded.

Lewis Hamilton, the world champion, has sent a conciliatory message to bitter rival Max Verstappen on Twitter, dividing fans.

Hamilton’s tweet on Monday morning came after he was accused of “dirty” racing during a 290km/h collision in which he nudged Verstappen into the wall.

Officials assessed a 10-second time penalty to the British superstar and ultimately docked him two championship points for the incident that sent Verstappen to the hospital.

Hamilton went on to win the British Grand Prix, which he joyfully celebrated in front of his home crowd.

After the race, the drama took a shameful turn when Hamilton became the target of disgusting racist abuse and threats online.

Max Verstappen made a strong start.

Verstappen then used Instagram following the race to send a scathing message to the Mercedes driver, accusing him of “disrespect.”

“First and foremost, I am relieved that I am still alive. It was quite an impact at 51G, but I’m feeling better,” he captioned a photograph of himself being dragged from his wrecked car.

“I’m sure you’re disappointed to have been taken out in this manner. The penalty imposed benefits us in no way and does not reflect the perilous move Lewis made on track. Observing the post-race celebrations while still in the hospital is impolite and unsportsmanlike, but we move on.”

Hamilton appeared to attempt to defuse the ensuing spat by sending Red Bull racer Max Verstappen his best wishes via Twitter.

However, his failure to apologize in the message infuriated some fans, who demanded an apology for both the incident and his post-race celebrations.

The 36-year-old wrote on Twitter: “Today serves as a reminder of the dangers inherent in this sport.”

I wish Max the best of luck, as he is an incredible competitor. I’m relieved to learn he’s okay. ” I will always race aggressively but fairly. My teammates exhibited grit and perseverance on the field.

“Winning in front of my home crowd is a dream come true.”

Three photos of him celebrating at the famous Silverstone circuit were included in his tweet.

The comments section beneath the tweet was divided, with some praising Hamilton’s classy demeanor and others criticizing him for his refusal to admit fault.

Hamilton had previously refused to accept blame for the incident when questioned about it following the race.

“I always try to be measured in my approach, especially when battling Max, who is extremely aggressive,” he explained.

“I believe he does not need to be as aggressive as he is.

Then today, I was completely alongside him, and he left no space for me.”

Hamilton responded following the race, stating that he would “not be bullied.”

Christian Horner, Red Bull’s boss, also criticized Hamilton’s character following the race.

“Watching the post-race celebrations while still in the hospital is impolite and unsportsmanlike behavior,” he said.

Lewis Hamilton, the British driver for Mercedes, holds the trophy on the podium following the Formula One British Grand Prix.

Horner later added in a television interview in the United Kingdom: “For me, that is a hollow victory.”

You boys are well aware that Copse is one of the world’s fastest corners. You do not insert a wheel into the interior. That is simply impure driving.”

Verstappen was later released from the hospital “following a thorough medical examination and being found to be free of major injuries,” the team stated.

Dr. Ian Roberts, Formula One’s medical rescue coordinator, described the impact as “quite impressive.”

Verstappen was “a little winded to put it mildly,” he said, but there were “no obvious injuries at the moment.”

Stewards assessed Hamilton a ten-second penalty, the second-lightest penalty available, despite the fact that he was still able to pursue Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, who finished second.

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