Karla Ramirez 21 aka karlaramirezz1 onlyfans, instagram tiktok video

Karla Ramirez

Karla Ramirez

OnlyFans actress Karla Ramirez claims her father set up an impersonation account for her.

Karla Ramirez, a TikTok and OnlyFans user, stated in a series of TikToks broadcast on January 28 that she had been sexually abused as a child by her father and other adults. She then learned that her father had used false names to create an OnlyFans account for her. Because she was aware of one of Karla’s father’s false social media profiles, she said her mother trusted her when she first told her about the problem.

Karla realized her father had been subscribing to her OnlyFans under two separate identities for “nearly a year,” she stated in the overlay text of her first video, which has earned over 8 million views. He contacted her for $150 to “play with myself,” and she could hear her mother on the phone in the background. It’s not illegal for your father to buy your nudes, she captioned the video.

Karla Ramirez

Petitioners numbering in the thousands have signed a call to action calling for the Texas authorities to free two minors accused of sexually abusing and killing their stepfather.

A former nanny of Michael Jаckson says he was “incаpаble of sexually abusing children” and defends him.

Her father has been using fake Facebook and Snapchat accounts to bait her since she was in middle school, Kаrla claims. Moreover, she claimed that her father had sexually abused her as a child and had put her in a vulnerable position. During a subsequent TikTok video, Kаrlа stated that her father has been sexually attracted to her since she was a child. While she was a minor, her father used false social media accounts to contact her and ask her to rate his penis “for money,” she said. When she was a child, she was “traumatized,” she said. Her mother was “out of the loop and blind” to her father’s sex abuse, she claimed.


Lmao did you know it’s not illegal for your FARTHER TO BUY YOUR NUDES.

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Upon hearing her mother’s voice in the background of her father’s phone call, which he made using his fictitious аccount, Karla hurried to her mother’s house and told her to call the cops. As a result, her father became enragged, she claimed. She explained, “I didn’t need to say why I was there because it was so apparent.” As quickly as he could, he tried to hide his a**.

She said that her father had provided financial assistance to her mentally ill mother. Currently, her mother and brother are living with her grandmother..

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