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Kristina Ozturk, 24 and husband Galip Ozturk have 22 children.

Kristina Ozturk, 24 and husband Galip Ozturk have 22 children.

A mother of 22 describes her “suffering” as her billionaire husband is incarcerated.

After her billionaire husband was arrested, a young mother who had 22 children through surrogates found herself in difficulty.

A 22-year-old mother whose rich husband was arrested on money laundering charges admits that life is “tough.”

Prior to his arrest on May 31, Kristina Ozturk, 24, and her husband Galip Ozturk, 57, resided in a gorgeous coastal town in the Georgian republic of Adjara.

When Kristina met Galip, a Turkish businessman who purportedly owned a bus company and a hotel, she already had one child from a previous relationship.

The couple spent over $260,000 on surrogates between March 2020 and July 2021, resulting in the birth of 21 children, and an additional $124,000 a year on 16 live-in nannies to care for their big family.

Their hopes to expand their family, however, have lately been put on hold due to Ozturk’s detention after a police raid.

Bloomberg has reported that the bus magnate was arrested on suspicions of money laundering and document falsification.

According to the story, a local television station broadcast footage of special forces assaulting a hotel owned by Ozturk in a beachfront commercial center bordering Turkey.

Since her arrest, Kristina has been public about her problems on social media, claiming that life was “difficult” without him.

In a post on Instagram, she said, in a loose translation from the English, “the feeling of loneliness persists despite the presence of so many close friends.”

“I’m accustomed to the fact that my hubby is always present at home.”

Now more than ever, I cannot tolerate stillness, I cannot tolerate his absence, and I cannot sleep or wake up alone.

The pair met in Georgia while Kristina, a former stripper from Russia, was on vacation there.

The Mirror adds that Ozturk escaped to the country in 2018 after being sentenced to life in prison for a 1996 murder in his native Turkey.

The couple has had 21 children through surrogacy in less than two years.

He was accused of having ordered the murder of Kuvvet Koseolu.

The young mother, who is 33 years younger than her husband, described the support she has received since his imprisonment in another post.

Kristina’s announcement that she intended to have more than 100 children via surrogates and that she was willing to spend more than $1.5 million to make her goal a reality brought the couple to the attention of the media.

Using a surrogate legally in Georgia costs approximately 8000 euros ($12,500).

Counseling and legal documentation are required for surrogates who carry Kristina and her husband’s genetic offspring.

“The clinic in Batumi selects surrogate mothers on our behalf and assumes full responsibility for the process,” she revealed before on social media.

“We do not know surrogate mothers on a personal level and have no direct contact with them in order to avoid complications after pregnancy.”

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