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Dustin Martin

Dustin Martin

“A bad look,” says the AFL boss about the Dusty Grope video as more information about when and where it happened comes out.

Dustin Martin, a star of the TV show Richmond, was caught on leaked video grabbing a woman from behind while she was not wearing a top.

The AFL is looking into the video, which has been shared all over the internet and seems to show Martin touching the woman.

“Let me start by saying that respect for women is always the most important thing. “As a statement, it’s clear and unambiguous across the AFL,” Gill McLachlan, CEO of the AFL, told Seven.

“At first glance, the video looks bad, but I don’t know more because I just found out about it late last night. This morning, I don’t know anything else about Dustin’s relationship with the woman, her thoughts, the facts, or the circumstances. Without more information, it’s hard for me to say anything else.”

The video seems to show a young-looking Martin reaching around from behind a woman sitting on the lap of another man and grabbing her breast.

Thursday, sources for the Tigers told The Age that the image was from 2015 and that the whole thing was a “bad look.”

The report also says that the club didn’t know about the incident or the video until Wednesday, when it was shared on social media.

The outlet was told by AFL sources that the gathering was not put on by a club and wasn’t at a strip club.

AFL investigates video appearing to show Dustin Martin grope woman

When asked if the woman would be contacted, McLachlan said, “It’s with our integrity, guys. They’ll follow up at the right time, and I’m sure they’ll talk to everyone involved.”

I don’t know anything else about the situation, so I don’t think it’s fair to anyone involved to say anything else until we know more.”

You can see the shirtless woman sitting on a man’s lap as Martin walks up to her and puts his arm around her torso. Then he laughs and walks away.

The leaks happened before Thursday’s elimination final between the Tigers and the Brisbane Lions.

“We’ve heard about a video that was put on social media. AFL spokesman told the Herald Sun, “We are looking for more information.”

On Wednesday afternoon, the video was brought up in a meeting with the Richmond team’s coach, Damien Hardwick.

“There’s an old video of Dusty from what looks like 2017 on Twitter this afternoon. I think it was taken at a Richmond event. “Do you know about that? Have you watched that video?” Tom Browne, who works for 7 News, asked.

“No,” replied Hardwick. “I’m not certain.”

Martin went back to his team, Richmond, and was put on the team for the first final, which will be held in Brisbane on Thursday night.

Martin, who is 31, is thought to be one of the best AFL players ever.

But even though he has done great things on the field, he has been in a lot of trouble off of it.

In 2012, he missed a training session and was kicked out of the club for two weeks.

In 2013, he was caught going through a red light, and in 2014, he was fined because he was not allowed to drive.

Martin was accused of making threats in a Melbourne, Australia, Japanese restaurant in 2015.

Dusty has had a hard year since his father Shane died at his home in Mt. Maunganui, New Zealand, on December 17, 2021. Shane was 54 years old.

Shane died of heart disease, and drugs and steroids were in his body at the time.

After his death, tests showed that Mr. Martin had a 600-gram enlarged heart, which is about twice as big as a normal man’s heart.

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