Candice Warner revealed target vile abuse from unruly fans at Adelaide Oval

At the cricket, Candice Warner has had to deal with bullies.

At the cricket, Candice Warner has had to deal with bullies.

Candice Warner calls the people who picked on her in front of kids at cricket weak and gutless.

Candice Warner, who is married to David Warner, has spoken out about the abuse she got at the cricket in front of the couple’s kids.

Candice Warner said she was the target of “vile abuse” from a group of rowdy fans at Adelaide Oval. She said she’s starting to feel like cricket is a “unsafe place” for her and her children.

Candice, a former ironwoman and David Warner’s wife, is co-hosting Triple M’s Summer Breakfast with Harley Breen and Tom Tilley. She said she was targeted during the second Test against the West Indies on Saturday afternoon.

She told them that she was walking with her daughters and felt like she had to talk to the men.

“On Saturday afternoon at Adelaide Oval, right before lunch, the girls asked to see their dad right before the break,” Candice said. “So we went from one part of Adelaide Oval to the other. It was likely around 200m. At the time, I was walking with two of my three daughters, my 8-year-old and my 3-year-old. As we passed a large group of people, a group of about five or six men started shouting insults at me. I kept walking, but then I stopped and looked around at the group of men. There was one man in particular who was shouting at me. And everyone was laughing and pointing. “So I decided to talk to them. I didn’t have to, but I was holding my daughters and I thought it was really important to talk to them because I want my actions to match the lessons I teach my children. So I confronted them, but like any group of drunk men, they were weak and didn’t own up to what they did, and the man who was actually shouting the insults was hiding behind his friend.

Tilley asked Candice what she had said to the guys.

“I asked, “Do you feel good about yourself when you try to scare me, put me down, or make me look bad in front of my kids? You don’t have any kids of your own, so it’s not okay. She told them, “It’s not okay to pick on someone or make fun of other people.

“What upset me was that they thought it was funny, and that they wouldn’t own up to their mistake. But what really upset me was that in a stadium full of people, when they could see a mother with two upset children, not a single person came to help me. Not one. ” “It’s sad that, at a time when we’re trying to get more women and girls to play and watch sports, I’m starting to feel like it’s not safe for me and my kids to go to their father’s games and support him.”

Candice said it was important for her to talk to the men because she wants to “raise confident and fearless young girls who aren’t afraid to stand up for themselves and face bullies head on.”

David Warner, his wife Candice, and their three children.

Tilley said that bullies often “cowered back” when they were confronted, and Candice said that the group of men were “as weak as they come.”

She said that the men didn’t apologize, but one of them DMed her on Instagram and said, “I didn’t say anything, but I also didn’t speak up, so I’m very sorry about that and I’m sorry he said what he said.”

“I know this doesn’t make up for anything, but I’m sorry.”

Candice said that because David works abroad, she is “the mother and the father” for her daughters and that she “won’t let my daughters see their mom bullied or scared.” “I don’t stand for that.”

Warner said that Ivy, her oldest child, asked her why she had talked to the men.

Candice said, “Darling, you have to realize that this isn’t okay. We won’t let this go, because it’s wrong no matter who you are or how big you are. Here’s why you need to learn to stand up for yourself: What surprised me the most was that not a single person could see that I was upset and upset about my two daughters, and that people were happy to just watch this happen. If it were the other way around, I’d go see what’s going on for sure.” Now we go to the cricket, and I’m starting to feel like it’s not a safe place for me and my kids to be.”

David and Candice.

The incident came at the end of a hard week for the Warner family. David had decided not to fight his ban from being a leader because the new process would be open to the public.

David was banned from being in charge after the ball-tampering scandal in Cape Town in 2018. He was also banned for a year.

He sent out a very angry message last week saying that he was dropping out of the Cricket Australia process because he didn’t want the sandpaper-gate details to be brought up in public again.

Candice, who has been trying for a long time to get David’s ban lifted, yelled at CA and said that the family had “been through hell.”

“It’s disappointing for David that this has gone on for so long and put our family and his teammates through everything again,” she said.

“The review of Warner’s ban on being a leader began in February, and it’s now December and there’s still no decision.”

It’s still fresh because we watch David play cricket so often and there are always people shouting at the crowd.

My girls wear their dad’s T-shirt with his name on the back with pride. It’s not fair that my girls have to deal with abuse because of things that happened in the past. David always puts family first, and he’s very protective of me and our three daughters. Cricket is what he does, but it doesn’t make him who he is. “The fact that Cricket Australia didn’t care about David and our family or the welfare of its players says a lot,” says his wife.

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