Brutally attacked by a bear in garage Steamboat Springs, Colorado

In Steamboat Springs, Colorado, a man was brutally attacked by a bear in his own garage.

In Steamboat Springs, Colorado, a man was brutally attacked by a bear in his own garage.

In his garage, a Colorado man is mauled by a bear.

On Sunday night, wildlife officials said, a mother bear viciously attacked a Colorado man in his own garage.

The man was hospitalized and required surgery for severe cuts to his head and legs — but he was expected to survive, according to a statement released Monday by Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

According to the statement, the man kept birdseed and other items that might attract bears in his garage at his home near Steamboat Springs.

On Sunday, around 11 p.m., he noticed the garage door was open and went to close it.

That is when he observed the bear and two cubs inside, according to the statement.

Despite serious injuries that necessitated surgery, the man is expected to survive.

The statement stated that “as the man attempted to slowly back away from the garage, the sow attacked.”

Wildlife officials and park rangers located the mother bear, who was shot and taken to a necropsy lab. Although the cubs remain on the loose, officials are attempting to capture and relocate them.

“This unfortunate incident serves as a reminder that we must always be vigilant and ‘bear aware,’” Kyle Bond, CPW district wildlife manager, stated in the announcement.

“Easy access to food will always trump a bear’s natural fear of humans, which is why we humans must constantly monitor and secure all food sources.”

This was the first attack in the Steamboat Springs area, officials said. However, a 39-year-old woman was killed last month in a bear attack in Durango, Colorado’s southwest region.

As a result, CPW euthanized a bear and two cubs and discovered human remains in the mother’s and one of the cubs’ bellies.

A grizzly bear attacked a hiker in Yellowstone National Park in Montana on Friday. According to the Associated Press, the 39-year-old man sustained multiple injuries but was able to hike out on his own.

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