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Samantha Peer

Samantha Peer

This ex-teacher claims that her salary “did not pay enough” since she filmed content for OnlyFans in her classroom.

Samantha Peer, who quit her job as a middle school teacher in Arizona after her community members discovered her sexual content on the subscription app, calls it “a very bad mistake.”

A former teacher in Arizona claims she started filming adult video and sending it to the paid subscription service OnlyFans because her family needed the money.

As reported by the Today News-Herald and Insider, Samantha Peer resigned from her position as a teacher with the Lake Havasu Unified School District (LHUSD) on October 31 when recordings from her OnlyFans account were discovered in her neighborhood.

Peer recorded and uploaded the movies, including one shot in her classroom, while she was employed as a science teacher at Thunderbolt Middle School in Lake Havasu’s eighth grade.

According to the News-Herald, her husband Dillon Peer, who taught fourth grade at Nautilus Elementary in the same district, also had an OnlyFans profile. His dismissal was effective November 4th.

Samantha Peer

This past Friday, Peer (also known as Khloe Karter online) issued a video statement in which she explained that she “felt stuck in my financial condition” and that creating films for OnlyFans “was the only way my family would be able to live.”

For “basic necessities,” Peer claimed she started generating content for OnlyFans during the summer after taking on many jobs outside of school contract hours “to make ends meet.”

Furthermore, she said her family “cannot subsist on our two teacher wages.”

Because “our professional wage did not pay enough,” she added in the video, “I do not think it is fair that I have to sacrifice my own children’s time.”

Peer claims that on October 24 she was put on administrative leave after “a community member” reported her content to police and school administrators. She claimed she left voluntarily rather than being fired after administrators assured her they would not make the incident public.

Peer claims that her husband’s long-term substitute teaching job was terminated after coworkers discovered her images.

Samantha Peer

The Lake Havasu Unified School District and Thunderbolt Middle School did not immediately reply to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

How exactly college kids found Peer’s page is a mystery. Peer said that she had to assume the pseudonym and block access from Arizona in order to keep herself safe on OnlyFans.

In the video, Peer claims that “students were not aware of my social medias” and “did not follow me” before he had already resigned from the district.

And yet, many of the district’s parents continue to express displeasure. Alea Bilski, a mother, told CBS station KPHO that she is “very upset” by the situation.

Our children had no right to be subjected to this,” she continued.

In an interview with KPHO, Thunderbolt parent Kristina Minor said her friend’s kid was “mortified over the incident” after seeing her desk in one of the recordings. Minor claimed to the media that she discovered the pornographic material on Peer on her own.

Peer said she “completely” regretted producing the video, which she claimed to have filmed “after school hours” and away from students.

A November 7 email to families from LHUSD corroborated the accusation, as reported by the News-Herald.

Samantha Peer

Peer claims she is now the target of in-person and online harassment from parents and students, which she strongly rejects.

“I don’t believe my name should be smeared throughout the community when I made one error that didn’t effect anybody until other adults began enabling youngsters access to my content,” she said.

On Monday, Peer posted a second video in which she addressed the criticisms of those who had said she had shown “a lack of remorse.”

Peer admitted, “I recognize this was a really significant error.” “I have never offered an explanation or justified my actions by claiming they are OK. From this point forward, I will never repeat that mistake.”

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